Saturday, 18 October 2008

Just some stuff about the last week

Thank you for your views on the damp wall - I'm tending to agree with those who think it's rising damp. The external wall doesn't appear to have a damp course, and it's where the outflow from the shower, sink and toilet are situated. It's even possible that one of the pipes is cracked. I'll try to get round to calling a builder to have a look at it.

This has been a long and busy week, including much intellectual and physical exercise. The lectures have certainly been much more challenging so far this year compared with last, and the difference between the good lecturers and the less good ones is striking. But I didn't do much work at home last week, and our first two coursework deadlines are next week, so I need to get down to it.

After being disparaging about the standard of play at the badminton club, we won our match last week! The downside was that it didn't finish until 10.30 pm, which is well after my normal bedtime. Another evening last week I actually went to bed with a high temperature, which thankfully had dropped by the morning. Last weekend I was in London for family fun, and I'm doing it again this weekend. Along with everyday chores and a couple of visitors, there isn't much time for homework.

That will have to do for now - blogging has had to slip down the priority list, and I've got to pack for my trip, and perhaps glance through my Metabolism notes. I'll take the books with me, there's always plenty of time on the train journeys to do a bit of work.

Building and trees
View of the Food Science building


Dick Madeley said...

Hey. Lola. I mean like you know. Deep stuff's going on. Blows my mind when I think about it. You know...

travelling, but not in love said...

Does the food science building need to look like the kind of place where chemists design food for supermarket chains?

Was that intentional?

Lola said...

All the campus buildings reflect the era they were constructed. From sixties' concrete to seventies' metal and glass through to the wood-effect Vet School built just three or four years ago. Very few of the buildings are good to look at.