Thursday, 21 August 2008

Week two in Rotherham

It is REALLY difficult to blog from here. First of all there's the times that the library is open in comparison with the times that I have available - the overlap is not large. The computers are a little sluggish anyway, plus the Internet filter messes with access and makes things more complicated. And now that I'm into the second week, I've got a feeling for the amount of stuff that I'm required to actually do, and then record that I've done, and then say how I felt about doing it and how I felt about recording that I did it, and how I felt about that.

On Monday I helped the Dietetic Assistant with stocktaking the food supplement store room. Does that sound thrilling? No, I thought not, and it wasn't.

I've been in the Catering department for the last three days - they prepare everything on site except the Halal food that is bought in ready packed. The chap looking after us wasn't very good at delegating, so most of the time I was standing around watching him do things. He couldn't seem to answer my questions at the same time as doing the job, so he started to get behind, so in the end I stopped asking questions.

Yesterday I helped on the conveyor belt that is used to assemble the patients' lunches from the menu cards they fill in - I was on gravy and parsley sauce. Again, not the intellectually challenging information-packed day I was hoping for.

Tomorrow the dietitian I was supposed to be with is off sick, and I was hoping (vainly) that I would have a bit of spare time. Doesn't look like it. I don't think I'll mind working with the dietitian, as long as there's something interesting going on.

It's a pity to let the blog opportunity pass, but I'm really not in the mood for blogging at the times when I can actually get to a computer, like now - I'm about to go to the hospital restaurant for lunch. It's curry day!


aims said...

I might be excited over curry as well...but in a hospital? Nah!

Lola said...

The curry was by no means the worst I've tasted - and it filled me up for the rest of day for only £3.45 (that's about 6 of your earth dollars)