Monday, 4 August 2008

The morning after the weekend

In another six hours or so, when The Boy leaves, our house will return to our sole possession. It's always nice to have loved ones to stay, but I like it when everyone goes and we get our normal life back.

I'm really tired, and the house still needs some cleaning up, although all the washing up is done now and the garden's cleared of tents, chairs, tables, unicycles and balloons. A prospective client is coming later to have a meeting with Mr A and The Boy, so the route that he takes from the front door to the office needs to be acceptable, and I could do with another hour or two in bed before I'll have completely caught up with sleep requirements. There are photos to transfer to the PC and it's Mr A's birthday tomorrow so I must get things sorted out for that too. Writing about the party will have to wait until all that is done. Maybe tomorrow.

But today, I have an announcement. I have to admit that some of my stories have fallen short of Lola II's standards of full disclosure. This is mostly because I'm too lazy to write everything down, so some significant, important and hilarious activities are usually heavily edited, or even left out entirely. Now, not only does Lola II now have a Blogger identity, but I have set her up to be a Team Member. So she'll be able to complete my account with her own, supplementary postings to this blog. I know you'll love what she writes, too. A side effect may be that I raise the standard of my posts, knowing that she's on my tail!

View from pub garden down to Corfe Castle[This is not our garden, but one of Lola II's pictures from our camping trip, sitting in the pub garden looking down onto Corfe Castle.]


Jay said...

That would be a lot of tables if it were your garden! LOL!

It'll be interesting to see how the shared blog works out! I'm not sure I could work like that, but I know some people do!

Lola said...

We're not exactly sharing the blog, it's more that Lola II is allowed the special privilege of putting her comments in the form of a blog post. I think she'll complement my stuff, but if it doesn't work out, I'll be back as sole proprietor!