Sunday, 10 August 2008

Clinical Placement A

Back in October, we first year students were allocated hospitals for our 'A' placements. This means we would be working in a hospital for four weeks, shadowing various members of the Dietetic department plus caterers, nurses and who knows what else. I was placed in the fair city of Rotherham. I wrote about it at the time, with little enthusiasm.

At last the time has come, and my placement starts tomorrow, which means I will be absent from home for four weeks, living in a shared student house in the grounds of Rotherham Hospital. I am still feeling a little bit aggrieved that my circumstances were not taken into account - it doesn't entirely matter where a 19-year-old who normally lives with parents is placed, but it's decidedly inconvenient for an adult running a household to be removed for a month. I shall be making my case a little more strongly next time, especially as the 'B' and 'C' placements last three months rather than just one month.

I expect I will continue to post to this blog, for two reasons: a) the stuff I see and do in the hospital is likely to be extremely interesting, and b) there will be sod all else for me to do in my spare time. I have unrealistic expectations of doing some exercise, perhaps seeing some films, but what I'm most likely to do is reading and writing and blogging. The stuff they've sent me suggests that I will have access to computers - if that doesn't happen, my life will indeed be miserable for four weeks.

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