Wednesday, 18 June 2008

What I've been reading

Image of the book cover
On Royalty
by Jeremy Paxman

"Jeremy Paxman delves deep into the past and takes a long hard look at our present incumbents to find out just what makes them tick. Along the way he discovers some fascinating and little-known details. Such as: how Albania came to advertise in England for a king; which English queen gave birth in front of 67 people; how easy it is to beat up future kings of England; and, how meeting the Queen is a bit scary."
Jeremy Paxman is an extremely good writer. He could write about the history of paint drying and it would be interesting, so take a subject that's interesting to start with, and it's utterly gripping. He's the only 'celebrity' I've ever met, and he signed my conference programme. Unforgivably, I've now lost it. I'm clearly not very good at being a proper celebrity follower.

Image of the book cover
See Delphi and Die
by Lyndsey Davis

narrated by Christian Rodska
"Greece, home of the ancient Olympic Games, is a favourite destination for Seven Sights Travel, a seedy company which provides escorted tours for wealthy travellers. When Marcus Didius Falco and Helena hear that a young girl and a newly-wed woman, both Roman visitors, have been murdered at Olympia, they step in to investigate."
You get a taste of the life in ancient Rome as well as the whodunnit aspect of the story, although I don't know how authentic the historical bits are. It's a good enough story, though.


Richard Madeley said...

I didn't come here to read this Paxman propaganda.

Lola, I thought you know about my history with that man. How could you do this to me?

Tut, I say. Tut!

Lola said...

Ha! I thought that might provoke a response. But I stand by my opinion - JP is a good writer. Tut tut to you (and no returns) :-p (sticks out tongue)

aims said...

I'm into one right at the moment that I think all women should read. It's called The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish....

Fantastic - have learned tons - even though it's a fiction!