Monday, 9 June 2008

Nothing much

There isn't much to report, which is why I haven't been posting. You don't want an entry that says "Did nothing much today", do you?

Since the wine tasting evening, I've done some things, like cleaning parts of the house. I've starting filling in my self-assessment tax form, chatted to the neighbours (no movement on the house sale), been to the greengrocer, and enquired at the tourist information office about what the accommodation situation is like in the town during the Bowls National Championships. We're hoping to have a party in the summer, and the preferred date coincides with this key event. We're not expecting many people will want to stay over, but if they do, their B&B options will be quite limited.

Last night we watched 'No Country for Old Men', which is the recent Oscar-winning film by the Coen brothers. It is good, but I'm not giving anything away when I say that everyone gets killed except the sheriff, and it gets a bit tiring towards the end.

I could list endless interesting things that I am going to do, but it's probably safer to wait until I've done them. So instead, here's a picture I took of someone's front garden in town a couple of weeks ago.



Richard Madeley said...

Will you be getting helpless drunk today, Lola? If so, I'll join you.

aims said...

Watched that movie a couple of weeks ago. The next day The Man asked me if I 'got' it - all the moral issues etc. etc.

I felt rather - helpless - by the end of the movie and glad it was over. Still - all in all...not bad. I do love Tommy Lee Jones. Can't help it.

Lola said...

You see, this is how rumours spread. I have a few drinks, write a happy entry about what a nice evening it's been, and now it's assumed that I can't have a pleasant pint without following on with nine or ten more. That said, would you care to join me tonight? I won't be at the Cricketers, though, it is Robbins Well tonight, for a gig.

Tommy Lee Jones - he has a face that looks like he's slept in it. Very attractive, though.

travelling, but not in love said...

I left the cinema feeling that it was another couple of hours of my life that had been lost, nay stolen, never to be returned to me.

And Tommy Lee Jones? Nah. Javier Bardem? Now you're talking - muy guapo!

Brett said...

Normal life, i love it.

babooshka said...

To say I enjoyed the film owuld be a stretch. Endured perhaps. No I did enjoy, but it overstayed it's welcome just a tad that's all.

Lola said...

Javier Bardem? With that haircut? He was sweet at the Oscars, though.

Hey, Brett!

Babooshka, why aren't you posting on Purple Haze? Should I switch to Ramsey Daily Photo?