Sunday, 29 June 2008


Who'd have guessed what the punters on Ebay found attractive out of my junk? If I told you I'd listed 10 classical music CD's, three travel games (Hungry Hippos, Connect 4 and Rummikub), a box of 4 jigsaws, a sake set with a little jug and four tumblers, and an ancient Sanyo cassette/radio walkman, which would you guess raised £5.50, and which a mere 99p?

Well, it was the travel Rummikub that saw the hottest action, with 3 bidders and 13 bids, reaching the heady heights of £5.50. The most exciting was the Sanyo walkman, which saw a bid in the last few seconds taking it from 99p to... wait for it... £1.04. The most interesting buyer was in Seoul, South Korea, who bought one of the CDs for 99p.

Rummikub £5.50, sake set 99p although modelled by Lola II, but nobody wanted the jigsawsThe whole thing was a proper waste of time. What with the time spent taking the photos, putting interesting copy in the listing, listing fees, weighing, wrapping and going to the Post Office, and the commission taken by Ebay and Paypal, it really wasn't worth the effort. Although eight items sold and seven didn't, I don't think I'll bother doing it again.


Tina said...

I've never got to grips with all the weighing & posting business. I'd rather just chuck it at a school fair.

Or the bin, most likely.

Anonymous said...

We have marktplaats (market place) here, but instead of auctioning off, you can tell people they can come round and collect items, or even collect them for free, as long as they take them off your hands. It works much better than Ebay. I heard Ebay actually bought marktplaats, but didn't change it because it's so successful.

Lola said...

Marktplaats sounds a lot like Freecycle, a list where goods are offered for free. I tried unloading a few things that way, but to be honest, I'm not sure anyone in their right mind would want an old wooden squash racquet.