Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Car rant

I'm not feeling very rich at the moment, what with giving up work and everything, and the car seems intent on sucking up every spare penny. The insurance came up in October, and Mr A's extra speeding points meant lots more on the premium, although I did manage to negotiate it down a bit. [Good news today though: Dorset police are offering him a driving course instead of three points and a fine, which is great.] Replacing the window mechanism in the summer was £200, then it needed new wishbone bushes and axle bushes along with a main service (more than £500), and this week it had to have new brakes and a tyre (more than £300). The seat mechanism has broken, which I thought would be a small job, and it turns out that it needs a whole new seat base for about £300 and it's an MOT requirement. I had a huge rant at the poor man at the garage, which I have to say he dealt with very well, but there's no getting round it. I just hope nothing else goes wrong in the motoring department, because my budget is creaking around the edges.

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