Friday, 29 July 2011

No news is good news

Bright red flower spath
I really need my guest bloggers now, or all you will get is an account of my fairly mundane and predictable 'social' life, and how I clean the house, or repot plants.

There have been no useful jobs to apply for - my current self-imposed restriction of "2 hours travelling time from home" is an enormous area, but jobs advertised at the moment just don't fit - Bradford, Hastings, Leeds, Merthyr Tydfil, Eastbourne. Three weeks on and I still haven't heard about the last interview, although I have now left a message asking them to let me know what's going on.

There are two other newsworthy items to report, however. The first is that I have reached my goal, and I am no longer in the overweight BMI category! Since starting my clinical placement in GNT in February (which was the catalyst for the weight loss), I have lost 10 kg (22 lb), which amounts to some 14% of my original weight.

At some point I'm going to try on the few items of clothing that I retained from my last 'thin' period through sentimentality, and because they were really, really flattering. From my photo album, this appears to have been around 1996, 15 years ago. [It is not a coincidence that this is just before I started going out with Mr A.] It is possible that I'll be able to maintain this meagre eating pattern and thus remain at a BMI of less than 25, and then I really will have to buy some trousers that don't need a belt to keep them up. At present I have one smart pair that I bought during the BDA Conference, and one not so smart, inherited from Lola II's friend.

The other item of news is about the Cricketers, which is being transformed. The previous landlord, Smurf, is back in charge! After having left the pub for the comedy circuit and part-time work in another pub, he has bought the lease and returned with a team of workers who are stripping the woodwork, patching the plaster, and generally re-fitting the place.

I demanded a tour of the ongoing Works, and was delighted to hear (among all the other plans) that the toilets will contain hand driers that actually work - this has not been the case in the 10 years we have been frequenting the establishment. Yesterday I baked a cake for the team, partly because we have benefited from the re-fit (we have been keeping an eye on the skip outside and acquiring useful items for our own use) and partly because I want the whole team to remember who lives next door. The grand opening is tonight, and we'll be there.

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A Heron's View said...

I have a special phrase for people who are enormously over weight,I refer to them as Pavement Shakers.
Could not help but notice last week whilst in Leamington Spa that the majority of the populace are
of a reasonable build to slender, so many congratulations on joining the majority!