Monday, 11 July 2011

Garden, birds and diet

Wheelbarrow on the lawn next to a flowering border
I've been 'gardening'. You will be aware by this time that 'gardening' is not an activity whereby a 'gardener' carefully nurtures and tends delicate plants, creating a display that is attractive to the eye throughout the year. No, it involves cutting, slashing, lopping and generally creating havoc in the garden before packing tons of 'green waste' into rubble sacks, piling them into the car and taking them down to the dump. So far, we have made four such trips (with approximately ten sacks each time) and there's another lot waiting for a fifth run. And I haven't really started on the wisteria.

I have been aided this year by some new equipment. Mr A bought some long handled loppers that will cut through branches up to about an inch and a half, and thanks to the demise of mum and dad's elderly neighbour, we also have some shears. Almost everything in the garden has thorns, so my arms look like I have been in a fight with a particularly angry cat. The poor sparrows are wondering what on earth has happened to their world, but they still scurry about in the bare rose branches. We have also seen one of our teenage robins out and about, although it doesn't yet have its red breast, and we briefly saw a bullfinch.

I have put in one more job application, but that's all there is to report about dietetics. Apart from the fact that I have remained at the weight I achieved at the end of my placement in GNT, despite efforts to shift those last two kilos. I suspect that it is not within my power to get rid of them unless I go back to GNT.

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