Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It gets better

Fry the cat, asleep
Here I am again. It's been too long, hasn't it? But my days are full at the moment, especially as I've been applying for jobs. Applications take up much spare evening time, and I'm not prepared to compromise on badminton time. Last week I played on both Monday and Tuesday, and I did the same this week. I also spent quality time with Landlady Lola III, and there's homework from school. At some point I will need to spend probably more than one evening on my 'Journal Club' assignment, which is where I present an interesting article from a recent journal to members of the dietetic department. I haven't even looked at the article since I chose it in week 1.

Enough excuses, what has actually been going on? I have more than a week of work to write about, seeing as how I refused to write about it last time.

I have been doing work.

There, that just about covers it. Last week was not nice, I did not enjoy it, but it turns out I was being overly sensitive and self-critical and I was actually doing very well, rather than astonishingly badly. Who'd have thought?

The sort of work I was doing involved watching other people doing dietitian-type activities and wondering how on earth I could possibly presume to offer dietetic advice to sick people. I had a go a couple of times, but I thought I was a bit rubbish, except for the presentation I did about healthy eating to a group of five patients with lung disease and three of their relatives. I like giving presentations and I'm good at them, so it was very demoralising to think that I was being criticised. Except it turns out that I wasn't. Really, this work experience lark is very confusing.

So it has been much better so far this week, although I am still having to spend time in different hospitals all the time. On Monday I was at one hospital, on Tuesday at an 'intermediate care' home (where they put patients who are not ill enough to be in hospital but not well enough to go home) and then a GP clinic, and today I was at the same hospital as Monday in the morning, and then a school in the afternoon. Tomorrow and Friday I'm at two more different hospitals before the dreaded 'Reflection' on Friday. And then a weekend with Lola II and sister D. I'm hoping for some adventures!


A Heron's View said...

Just to wish you good fortune on Friday, I'm sure that you will do well in the Reflections because we are often our own worse critics and therefore in anticipation I say Congratulations!

Lola said...

Thank you very much for your comment and your support! I certainly tend to see more scope for self-improvement than others do, so I'm looking forward to the end of Friday.

aims said...

I have to agree that you can sometimes be your own worst enemy. That being said it does help to keep you trying your hardest doesn't it.

Well done - again! :0)