Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I am not going to talk about work

Art deco entrance to the covered fish market
After that horrible Friday, I stayed in GNT for the weekend, because Mr A was due to be away with friends (even though, as it turned out, he wasn't). I went into town to explore on Saturday, and bought a ton of fruit and vegetables at the market, which I then had to carry around for some time. I visited the 'big church' in the middle of town, and was welcomed by a very friendly lady who gave me a small guide to the Minster. When I got home and mentioned to Landlady that I'd visited the Minster, she told me it wasn't a Minster but just a big church. I get the feeling that this is a matter of some local importance.

Anyway, back in town, after the 'big church' (which was pleasant enough but not that exciting), I went to the local museum. It was fine. There was the usual stuff you get in local museums about the geology of the area, some stuffed animals in realistic poses in a reconstruction of their natural setting, some local history including the compulsory display on 'GNT in Roman times', and displays about past and current activity: mining, railways, horse racing and football. The two most interesting things were:
  • a description of a house that had been carved inside a sandstone cliff and was lived in during the 19th century (but is no longer there), and
  • a museum attendant having his wallet stolen, and chasing and catching the perpetrator.
The theft of the wallet was marginally more interesting than the contents of the museum. I then took a wrong turn, and with my increasingly heavy load of vegetables I walked for quite a long way before getting home. If I'd been on the right road, I'd have taken a bus.

Later on Saturday I went to meet another student, J, who was with me on my B placement and is on her C placement nearby. We watched True Grit (good film) and let off steam about how we're getting on. It was very nice to see her, and felt like a little bit of a holiday. On Sunday I think I spent the whole day indoors, and I have now submitted my application for a job. A real job, as a dietitian, just about within reach of my home. Although at the moment I not only feel that I can't do the job, but that I'm not sure I even want to. But I'm not going to talk about work. There's another job, just been advertised, also within reach of home, and I must apply for that too. I couldn't face it this evening; I will have to do it tomorrow.

Home news: the cats have worked out how to get into my bedroom - the door doesn't always latch shut when I close it. This is usually when I am on a tight schedule to get out of the house in time for some important deadline, like catching a bus. Other than this, I have no complaints, since I am not going to talk about work.


aims said...

Gosh - I've been skimming through - trying to catch up - trying to remember where I had read to before holidays......

I've certainly got an impression with reading that you are overwhelmed with events these days. It sounds dreadfully hard and stressful but I know in the end you will look back and say - hey! it actually wasn't that bad. (right)

First off - I would rather read than watch tv. We don't actually have tv to watch - no cable - no satellite. What we do have is computer tv - or I should say - things that have been downloaded from the internet to watch. And - all The Man's choices. None are mine. It is not surprising for me to just get up and head upstairs when an animated thing comes on or perhaps the Simpsons. I say 'comes on' - more like is selected from his list an appears magically on our tv. I have no idea how it works and I really don't care to learn.


Of course you know I would latch on to you celiac stuff and wonder what is being discussed and what is going on. I think it is a shame that so little studies are done about celiac - even here in North America.
I wait patiently for a resolution beyond diet control!

K - I'm back but only for a little bit. Surgery is on the 15th and I don't expect to be doing much typing after that for a while.

Keep your head up Lola. You are still an incredible inspiration to me and probably to others as well.


Anonymous said...

So how's work going?