Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Two weekend trips

Garden from upstairs window, featuring plum tree
The weekend started on Friday, after I'd finished writing a two-page Reflection. Reflecting is an activity that healthcare professionals are supposed to engage in frequently, where you review an aspect of practice, and mull it over some more, and you think about how it could have been done differently or better, and what you will take from this into future practice. It can be done in three sections: "What?", "So What?", and "Now What?" I've been writing a reflection every week, usually less than one page, but this was a doozy, because I'm actually doing more myself rather than observing, and because it's so easy to find things I could do better.

Anyway, Friday evening found me stuffing vine leaves to take up to Manchester where I met mum and Lola II and visited our lovely cousin H and his lovely wife B. Mum brought a kilo of hummus, some okra and pita bread, and Lola II unloaded some more of her plum compote - she has a plum tree in her garden, and plums seem to be featuring heavily in all our diets at the moment. (The plum jam that Mr M made was so good that I had to have a second slice of bread so I could have some more.)

Imposing all three of us all at once on our poor relatives resembles cruel and unusual punishment, but they stood up to us well, although H was powerless to resist the pressure to join Facebook (for the photos, you know). He put up a bit of fight, protesting weakly about 'privacy' and 'spam', but Lola II just showed him the photos of his nephew and great-nephew, and capitulation swiftly ensued.

Sunday night was a real treat. I had been made aware that Smurf the ex-landlord of the Pub Next Door was now associating with a different pub, the Red Lion in Hunningham. So we thought we'd pay a visit, especially as we'd heard the food was rather good.

We had a most wonderful time - Smurf was there to welcome us, introduced us to the owner, recommended the beer and was almost his usual self. 'Almost', because as he confided later, he has to be a little less 'exuberant' given the more upmarket clientele that this pub attracts. I interpreted that as: 'less swearing, and no nicking chips off customers' plates'. The setting is delightful, next to the river with not only tables but deckchairs for customers. Best of all, during the August Bank Holiday there's a beer festival plus a film screening outside each evening, with camping.

I think that our Bank Holiday activity is now sorted, for Saturday night at least. The rest of the weekend may find me writing up my case study, which is due to be handed in on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday. Unless, of course, I get it all done in advance.

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