Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Progress at work and at home

I have a case study to finish, but you dedicated blog readers know how far I will go to please you. My stats tell me that there are a declining number of visitors, and oh! you are a silent lot. No comments for ages. Never mind, it won't stop me writing.

I am weary of the placement now, just as I am becoming competent. Not proficient, mind you, just competent, and that is quite a struggle. People ask me whether I am enjoying the placement - well, no, enjoyment is not the predominant sentiment. I don't wake in the morning full of beans, looking forward to driving 50 miles, traipsing around hospital wards, being supervised minutely, getting involved in conversations with patients and staff that almost always end in the prescription of nutritional supplements, trying to write down everything that everyone has said in the last hour, then driving another 50 miles home. It isn't fun.

This may change with next week's 'Consolidation'. This word is to placement students what the word 'Christmas' must be to two year old children - an utterly unknown concept that everyone keeps talking about as if it must be the most wonderful thing in the entire known world. Consolidation is a time when we are allowed out on the wards on our own, virtually unsupervised, to do our worst with the poor innocent patients. I am hoping that it will be enjoyable, but if not, I am resigned to serving just under three more weeks before I am released back into Student World.

View of bathroom with slate tiled floorWe have made a little progress with our bathroom, as you can see: Alf has tiled the floor and completed the tongue and groove panelling as well as a couple of other little jobs here and there. This means that quite a lot of sawdust and other detritus found its way into the house, and much as I would have liked to work on my case study, I really didn't want to work on my case study, so I did cleaning instead. Even when the cleaning was done, I didn't want to work on my case study, but now I'm glad it did. It's very nearly finished.

So in the two days that I am becoming reacquainted with in the guise of the 'weekend', I spent one day cleaning and one day working on my case study. Not the most enjoyable weekend I've ever had, and Mr A wasn't even here to share my pain, he was away staying with friends and take in an air show (which unfortunately was mostly lost in the fog).

And now, in 'Other News':

no, just joking, there is no other news.


Studentmum said...

The bathroom looks nice. It has been interesting following your placement. As an ex nurse and midwife it made me look back at our relationship, or more like lack of relationship with the dietitions. This was in the early 80s to mid 90s and it sounds like things have changed! On the wards there was little or no liason with dietetics.

Lola II said...

Dear Lola, Mr M wants to know whether you'll be let loose on people with diabetes.

Lola said...

Next week I shall be doing a 30-minute talk to pregnant women newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes. That's as good as it gets, they don't really do diabetes much here.