Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another post about coursework

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It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm just taking a break from the latest coursework, which is all about eating out with coeliac disease. I have to plan a session with some newly diagnosed adults, and justify why that session should be held, and put together resources, and submit the rationale, plan and resources for marking. At the end of term, I actually have to deliver my planned session to other students who are standing in for adults with coeliac disease, and get assessed for that too.

Last week's tally, not counting the hours at home spent on coursework, came to:
  • one badminton match (lost 7-2, but GG and I won the 2)
  • about 16 hours of lectures
  • one short discussion with tutor
  • one piece of coursework handed in
  • about 10 hours driving (snow on the M1)
  • one trip to the vegetable shop and walk about town
  • one film (The Damned United), one episode of Jeeves and Wooster, one episode of The West Wing and one episode of our newly started Christmas present: The Wire
  • two visits to the pub.
I have had several off-line comments to the effect that Mr A's cooking sounds wonderful - it is, it certainly is, but I still want more vegetables and less fat and salt! Today he's planning to use the rest of the crab in a dish with lemon and spaghetti. I'm having some extra veg on the side.

It's Wednesday, the weekday when I don't have to go to school. I was going to be taking the filthy car for its service and MOT, but the garage phoned to postpone because their MOT man has put his back out. Mr A is away today and tomorrow delivering a Flash course, and soon I will be starting to look into the background for my research proposal, which is 'The food choices of visually impaired people'.

The data analysis coursework is finished, barring a final read-through, and the coeliac disease rationale, aims and learning outcomes are in the bag. I was disappointed to find out yesterday that one bit of coursework I had planned to start on 20 March needs to be started a great deal sooner, because I am supposed to cook part of it during a practical next Thursday.

Onwards and upwards.

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aims said...

So are you done now with the celiac part of your studies?

I've just been learning a few new things about it in a celiac newsletter I get every couple of weeks. Even after 15 years I'm still learning new things as is science too I understand.

Hope you did well Lola!