Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Too busy

Absolutely no time to compose any thoughtful well-considered prose. I did have a great weekend, involving Lola II, a nephew henceforth to be known informally as Phlop, the sport of Disc Golf, an unexpected bit of a Halloween party in the pub, a Chinese lunch with most of my immediate family, and the end of two pieces of coursework - or so I thought.

Yesterday was a marathon session at the main university campus, and based on further information received, I need to review one of the pieces of coursework I thought I'd finished. I have been given even more coursework to do, and have been placed in a Group From Hell which has to produce a collaborative presentation.

Onwards and upwards. It's a real slog this term, although I shouldn't give the impression that it's not interesting. We're doing much more relevant and practical things now, building on the theoretical foundation of the first two years. I'm just tired, and I'd like some time off!

Mum, cupcakes and candles

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Caz said...

Chin up and keep ploughing on! Remember to take time for yourself.