Monday, 18 May 2009

It all kicks off tomorrow

I haven't been outside the house for days. Mr A and I went for a walk on Friday - or was it Thursday - it's all a blur. I think that was the last time I saw the sky...

It's been fairly traumatic in Lola Towers recently, but I'm not ready to write about Mr A's business, nor am I sure he would want me to. Combined with my revision, we have struggled to maintain sanity, and we have succeeded so far. I have ten days to go before my ordeal is over; Mr A has to wait a lot longer, but there is a glimpse of light on the horizon. A new dawn, the beam of a torch in a darkened building, the lights of oncoming traffic in a tunnel, the last rays of the setting sun: when the time comes we will find out which it is.

My first exam is tomorrow afternoon, followed by another first thing on Wednesday morning, and the third on Friday. That's the thing about exams, they take absolutely ages to arrive, and then they're all over before you can blink. Actually, the last one isn't until Wednesday next week, but that seems like next year at the moment.

I haven't found revision very easy this time, and I am nowhere near as well prepared as I have been previously. Rather than being ready with in-depth answers to some questions and well-prepared answers to anything else, this time I am relying (as most other mortals do) on the right questions coming up on the day. It's fine, I'm sure I'll be OK, but being confident of knowing everything definitely took a lot of the stress out of exams I've done so far.

So I'm still alive, even though there's nothing interesting to report. Revising Computing Techniques doesn't lend itself to fascinating nuggets of bloggable material, unless you want to know how the variance ratio is calculated from the sum of squares of residual errors, or how negative numbers are handled in binary notation. You really don't need to know.

I spent a day on how it is thought that the brain regulates food intake and some of the neurotransmitter receptor targets for obesity therapy, which wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be, nor as successful in real life as inhibiting fat digestion in the gut. Today I'm back for the final stretch on medicine and pathology - that's the exam tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!!

aims said...

I know you will come through with high marks once again Lola. But good luck anyway!

Anonymous said...

How did it go Lola? Confident?

Lola said...

Two down, two to go, it's been OK so far. Both exams presented questions that were quite doable, although I'm fairly certain the marks won't be as high as I've previously achieved.