Saturday, 23 May 2009

Exam update

You probably want to know how things are going. I've done three out of four exams so far, and they could have been much worse.

There's a fair amount of overlap between the different modules this semester, so yesterday in 'Nutrition, Metabolism and Disease' I turned out an essay on diabetes that was remarkably similar to one I did for the 'Medicine and Pathology' exam. Obesity was a major topic in both NMD and Human Nutrition, even to the extent of being taught by the same lecturer and including some of the same slides.

In the multiple choice section of the Computing Techniques exam, there was a wonderful question asking what the meaning of 'interpolation' was, where one of the choices was something like 'sharing of information on international crime'. Inspired. Luckily I could avoid all statistical questions, so I managed to focus on use of Excel and maths, even including a question featuring binary numbers. The only things I definitely couldn't remember were the specific reasons for sample replication and randomisation, but I'm not about to go and find out what the answers should have been.

Today the weather is beautiful and the forecast for tomorrow is the same. Everyone else has a Bank Holiday Monday to look forward to. Unfortunately, given four days before the next exam, I will find revision to fill four days - if the exam were two days away I would probably manage to do the same amount. The human brain and its talent for procrastination have a lot to answer for. I should read 'Parkinson's Law' again: didn't he write that the work expands to fill the time available? So true. If the exam were tomorrow, I wouldn't be blogging now.


aims said...

You are right. I was wondering how your exams are going.

Just thinking of you from way over here. Good luck once more! (I know you can do it)

Amy said...

Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about! Good luck filling the next day or so.