Sunday, 5 April 2009

Spring at Lola Towers

My life fluctuates between alternate delightful and grim periods.

I did my last Visit Day as Student Ambassador for this academic year, and picked up some library books about burn injury while I was there. It was difficult to avoid the pictures, which are truly gruesome to look at, especially the colour ones. I had to open the books very carefully... Then I had a nice cup of tea and a chat with Dipti. I went to see Steve in Birmingham for a drink and a bite to eat after work - lovely to chat to him again and catch up with a bit of gossip.

White flowers and Victorian housesMr A and I took one of our walks around Leamington, just looking at the gorgeous buildings and spring trees around town, and it made us both feel uplifted for a short time. Magnolia trees are unbelievable - such large, beautiful flowers! The white blossom in the picture was scented too. We listened to some radio that made us laugh uncontrollably (Hamish and Dougal: You'll have had your tea...) and I made some great crab and gruyere tartlets.

To balance all the good vibes, there have been Mr A's work difficulties. He was due to go biking with some of the 'Big Trail Bike' crew around Wales this weekend, but in getting ready on Saturday he realised he wouldn't be able to cope, so he went off to spend an evening with some friends instead. I'm very glad - not only that he gets a change of scene, but that I get a break as well, and I'm not sure he'd have been entirely safe on a biking weekend with the state of his concentration at the moment.

Before you ask, there's nothing you can do. This has been going on for a long time, and I always think "it can't go on much longer" and then it does. There's always a glimmer of hope on the horizon: at the moment it's an appointment with some sort of health professional next week (I don't know the details). I hope it helps him before he has a proper breakdown. And no, really, there's nothing you can do, but thank you for asking anyway - there's very little I can do. I'm getting a lot of practice with my listening skills, so that's a positive side to the situation. No, really, I'm fine. Getting on with coursework while the house is quiet - although it's tragic to be inside on a glorious morning like this.


Jay said...

You know that saying 'One step at a time'? I think that should apply here. Bicycle trip = too much, visit with friends = perfect. I see no problem with that. ;)

The magnolia is magnificent. I'm mourning the fact that my 'Susan' magnolia chose not to bloom this year. I so look forward to those purple, candle-shaped buds and everted blooms! She smells nice, too!

Swearing Mother said...

Leamington, lovely as always. Thanks Lola.