Thursday, 23 April 2009

Coursework and badminton

I've been doing a lot of work, hence lack of blog time. Four lots of coursework are completed and handed in, and I'm working on the next four at the moment: a presentation about my 'coffee and Parkinson's disease' paper, a summary of the presentation in the form of a handout, a presentation of a case study of a man with 30% full thickness burns, and a report of that case study. Today we've been given yet another bit of coursework, a statistical analysis in the Computing module. So there isn't much time to blog, and not much time to do anything to blog about.

I do have a small problem with one of my assignments, the 'magazine article' about coffee and Parkinson's disease, returned today after marking. I got a mark that wasn't bad at all, I'd be quite happy with it really, but the marker made comments about two things she would have expected to see in the article. The thing is, they were both there, but on the second page - I don't think she noticed that there were two pages. I've actually made an appointment to see her on Monday, and will have to think carefully about how to manage that meeting.

I have had time to play badminton, and there's good news on that front. I've sorted out some coaching for the club, and 12 people have signed up, which is great. We started on Tuesday at the same venue as the club I used to play for, so I saw some of those lovely people for a few minutes. The other step forward is that my current club is very likely going to move to a new venue, which will not only be newer and nicer, but will also allow us more court time. At the moment we have one court for two hours and a second court for just one hour, so the number of people has to be limited. I'm one of the reserve players, so I only get to go when I'm invited. The new place has three courts for two hours, so I can play every week. It won't be that much more expensive, either.


aims said...

I have a question Lola.

I've been wondering about this for some time and just thought maybe you learned this when studying celiac disease.

Did they happen to tell you what is happening in the body that causes the pain when gluten is ingested? I'm wondering if the villi going flat is the reason.

I don't know why I need to know because I've lived with this forever - but I do.

Lola said...

Aims, yet again I have to confess ignorance. I know a whole lot about burn injury, a bit about diabetes, but we have been taught hardly anything about coeliac disease yet, other than which foods are likely to have gluten in them.

I know who to tell if we ever do go into detail about it, but as the treatment is successful and there's no prevention or cure, we may not learn any more at all.

aims said...

Ah well. If you do find out - let me know. I got hit again this past weekend and I'm plum wore out. Seems I went at least six months without getting gluten - then since last November it's been every couple of weeks. It's all been from contaminated foods that say there is no gluten in the product - but then it's contaminated.'s depressing!

Anonymous said...

Aims, the pain occurs because the immune response that the body mounts against gluten causes inflammation and injury to the small intestine. In this respect the body is suffering a response which is not massively dissimilar to Crohns disease or other inflammatory bowel disorders. The gut is well supplied with nerves and therefore the sufferer will experience pain when it is damaged.