Friday, 23 May 2008

Search terms

After the fifth exam yesterday (which went particularly well), I decided I'd treat myself to a day off. So today I'm free, and guess what, after a week of blue skies and sunshine, today is grey and rainy. I'm going outside later anyway, to see what the world looks like after three weeks of imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Statcounter has at last come up with some search terms that have taken people to pages of my blog. Not that they will have found the answers there, but it is a stunning collection of the stuff that is typed into search engines - I do wonder what some of them were actually looking for. Here's just a selection of the ones I like the best.

Quite a few about food poisoning, especially rice. Well, I did go on about it, I suppose.
  • day old rice poisoning
  • blogging my food poisoning
  • rice botulism
  • safe to eat reheated rice
  • picture and label of a norovirus
  • norovirus blog 2008 uk vomit smell bad
  • food poisoning reheated rice
Some random ones: I can see why these were drawn to my blog.
  • can i commute to birmingham from leamington?
  • meribel hedge fund
  • wind knocked out of you expiratory reserve volume
  • interesting facts about the large intestine during digestion
  • rag week jokes
  • dead cells dropped off and collect in top of leg
  • life of toothache
I particularly like these ones that include 'Lola' in the search. It's always nice to have a name that makes you smile, but when it gets typed into a search engine, well, I have to wonder what it is that is being searched for. Especially the last one.
  • lola diving heater
  • birmingham lola's bar music
  • lola snowboard
  • lola love before surgery


Brett said...

Mad. When i had a bit of a go at Leona Lewis the next day i had lots of hits from people looking for her, its weired what people look at on the net.

Anonymous said...

I finally got around to looking at my Google Analytics one day last week . . . two people have come to me after searching for 'prostitute etiquette'. Um, yeah. Even if the smartest person in the world explained how a search engine comes up with the results it does, I will never understand it.

travelling, but not in love said...

I love my analytics.

Though it seems that many people find me when looking for a capsule wardrobe ....which worries me slightly.

Tina said...

I still get lots of hits on a post I did called Educating Tina, who I've now learned happens to be a very dubious film character

Swearing Mother said...

I wish I had analytic-thingies. It would be fun to know exactly what brings people to my blog. Or there again, maybe not. Eek.

Lola said...

Honestly, every blogger should look at the analytics. It's not useful in any way (unless you're a commercial site owner, I suppose) but such fun! Go on, SM, visit either Google Analytics or Statcounter.

Sally (magicchick) said...

Absolutely Hilarious!! I love it!!

aims said...

I'm surprised - Run Lola Run - doesn't show up....I always think of that when I click on over here... :0)