Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Revision routine

Tina has prompted me to pour out my woes this fine morning. I was doing quite well at imagining I was losing weight while actually staying the same. For at least two weeks, however, my routine has mostly been:
1) Get up, make and drink very large mug of tea
2) Sit at desk catching up with blogs and email
3) Have breakfast
4) Get dressed (ha, bet you thought this one had already happened)
5) Sit at desk, stare into space, look at books and lecture notes, write a few things down, think about what is going on in the rest of the world, drink more tea, wonder if it's lunchtime yet
6) Have lunch
7) See 5, except substitute 'supper' for 'lunch'
8) Have supper. Due to my supposed dedication to revision, Mr A often steps up to the plate when it comes to preparing our shared mealtime. The sap. If he only knew.
9) See 5, but substitute 'bed' for lunch'
10) Watch 10 o'clock news or alternative comedy programme if it's Have I Got News For You or QI
11) Go to bed
Repeat, except on Friday and/or Sunday we treated ourselves to a pint in the pub as well. So in terms of reduction in energy intake or increase in energy expenditure (referred to as 'energy balance' in my Nutrition lectures) it's not looking good for the size 10 clothes industry. Or size 12, or 14...


Tina said...

You see, you're doing a good thing. You're making a statement against capitalism and the size zero debate by refusing to conform.

At least that's what I tell myself.

Brett said...

Love the blog.

travelling, but not in love said...

Lola, my 'energy balance' is all shot too...My plan for the summer is to try and get it back into a more balanced state....goodness knows how that'll happen, but it's worth a try!

Anonymous said...

This is so recognizable. I want to work on my stamina to support my dancing (got a few workshops and a performance coming up) but my schedule looks a lot like yours and I just can't motivate myself to do some training at home...

Lola said...

Andy doesn't read my blog, but he asked me yesterday how the weight loss was going. We decided that the time had come to set up the garden trampoline again. Then it started to rain.