Thursday, 24 April 2008

Toothache, coursework, and the pub (again)

I know, I shouldn't be here, but I'm finding it difficult to work because I've got toothache. I'm dosed up to the eyeballs with painkillers and it doesn't hurt much except when I chew, so it should help the calorie reduction plan too. On the plus side I was very pleased to find that my shoulder is feeling much better, until Mr A pointed out that the painkillers might have something to do with that.

The week has dragged by - after ten weeks I seem to get tired of stuffing new things into my head and the last two weeks of a semester are a bit difficult. I have handed in the last lot of coursework, and sent a letter of complaint about the standard of lectures delivered by one of the lecturers. I can now bring you the Norovirus leaflet, which I am quite pleased with.

Norovirus leaflet
So if you ever get sick on a cruise ship, that's what you do.

Other highlights this week have been rather too many trips to the pub. We didn't mean to go yesterday, but when we were putting the recycling out (don't get me started on that subject) we noticed that H and C across the road had a huge pile of bricks in their front garden, and there were assorted building noises coming out of their house. They invited us in to inspect the works: they are doing some drastic remodelling, and seem to have taken all the downstairs walls out. Our house matches theirs in external design and decoration, and they hadn't had a look round our house yet, so we invited them over for a viewing, and then it was an easy step to agree on a swift drink.

I finally made Smurf check out all that I've been writing about the Cricketers, including his picture. He wasn't too impressed with the picture, so I agreed to create a new version. One thing led to another, and Mr A and I ended up on a backstage tour, including a viewing of the new equipment in the pub kitchen and the beer cellar, and some of the pictures and memorabilia that will be on display, from a father and son who played cricket for Warwickshire and England (can't remember their name but I think it may be Smith). The main bar has had a coat of paint on the walls and looks much better, there are plans for blinds instead of curtains and the bar itself is going to be sanded down and re-varnished. We're back to four pumps for the real ale, and they are really good, including Saddleback from the local Slaughterhouse brewery, Timothy Taylor's Landlord, and Charles Wells' Bombardier.

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Shaking hands will be discouraged....that should be a sign during flu season as well!