Monday, 21 April 2008

Revision time again

All last week's posts were about the holiday the week before, but I don't have much to write about last week. It's revision time again, so the time I spend not doing revision is scary time when I feel guilty, and worry that I will be sitting in the exam hall, unable to do myself justice, because I haven't spent enough time revising.

So all last week I felt guilty because I wasn't doing any revision, even though I was finishing up three lots of coursework that needed handing in. Luckily, I got started at the weekend so I feel a bit better now, with the completion of biochemical paths in respiration and a number of different food poisoning facts. But this good behaviour must continue, and that is bound to result in a reduction in blog strength and frequency.

There really is a lot to learn, and I have six exams, one of which supplies 100% of the mark for that module. I have two more weeks of lectures (new material! help!) then one week clear before the exams begin on 12 May, and my first exam is 9 a.m. on that day. It all ends on May 29, so I need to be a little quiet between now and then.


babooshka said...

Dreaded exams. It's been so long. Obviously another holiday should be booked Right away to combate exam fatigue.

aims said...

I agree with babooshka...get thee to some relaxation afterwards girl!

travelling, but not in love said...

Good luck, but be careful not to over-revise. My golden rule at Uni was to never revise the night before or the day of an exam. If it isn't in by then, it'll never be in and all I'd do is panic myself into thinking that I don't know anything!

It worked for me anyway...good luck!

Ian said...

Lola, I always found that the best way of preparing for exams was to...oh hell, I have no idea; I wasn't half the student you are. Study hard and hurry back!