Sunday, 16 September 2007

Weekend with Lola II

As usual, Lola II and I managed to have a splendid weekend, full of laughter and silliness and incorporating many of the glorious and mysterious catchphrases that we utilise on these occasions. The purpose of the weekend was just to make the most of my last chance to spend a bit of time down in London before I'm embedded in the library, and also to meet up with Andy, a very old friend that I haven't seen for about 20 years. Of which more later.

We started with a very late lunch, where special guests were Briony and Daphne. Briony's job was then to help us buy some classical music, and in return she received a cake I'd made with the further condition that we were all allowed to try some after lunch.

Today we started by making a very long list of all the things that Lola II needs to do, ranging from re-potting the house plants to facilitating world peace. We started with acquiring a curtain pole and curtain for the spare room, which is where I have to sleep and it's time my room had a curtain rather than a ladder and a sofa cover. The trip to IKEA resulted in a curtain pole but no curtains (out of stock), and a lamp for the spare room. Luckily one of our favourite Japanese restaurants was still open for lunch, so we gorged ourselves on ramen and sushi and other delights before heading back to where the hard work was supposed to begin, via a shop where we hoped to get a large plant pot, but actually bought a shoe rack. This is the sort of fun we like to have.

Lola and the shoe rackWe both needed a rest after such exertions, and it seemed too late to start on putting up the curtain pole, so instead Lola II embarked on a big tidy up. I did plant watering and washing up; there were serious attempts by Lola II to neglect the tidying up in favour of some long story or other, but I reminded her of the need for Focus and Discipline, and worked her until she begged for mercy. Inspiration struck - why not move the microwave to the big hole in the cupboards where the old oven was? Put handbags in the cupboard near the door? Have a basket for keys, phone, travel card? The shoe rack was constructed and shoes ceremonially placed upon it. Decisions were made about disposal of all sorts of rubbish. I mended the shredder. I even let Lola II do all the crossing off the list.

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Anonymous said...

Oi, cheeky monkey! The basket by the front door was MY idea!! Naughty. Lola II