Monday, 6 August 2007

Taming the jungle

The garden is taking a pounding this year, but I'm determined to hack down all the overgrown shrubs so that we can see the ones we like again. Last week I made a determined attack on the Berberis (2cm spikes) and trimmed the rose a bit; yesterday it was the turn of the Ceanothus and a ton of mud from the gutter at the same time. Today I plan to take on the Forsythia, which has taken over about thirty square feet of garden that it would be nice to see again.

By the way, all these plant names may or may not be correct - people who know such things have wandered by and dropped names at me that I think I've remembered correctly. If my camera weren't broken I'd take pictures, but it seems to be chewing up the memory cards at the moment.

Apart from the garden, my huge list of summer tasks is starting to show signs that I've been getting things done. The tax return is filed and I even managed to complete the soul-destroying 16-page application form for the NHS Bursary I hope to get for the duration of the course. I do hope they are satisfied with all the proof I submitted - passport to show I exist, tax forms to show I have supported myself for the last 72 months, other tax forms to show I won't be able to support myself for the next 72 months, Mr A's tax forms to show he can't support me either, even our marriage certificate to show... that I haven't invented him? Not sure why they need to see that.

Today's jobs include replacing the rope on the laundry airer pulley as well as waging war on Forsythia, so I'd better get on with that now.


Sally (magicchick) said...

Marriage there something you are not telling me?

Lola said...

Ah, yes, we got married in 2003 but didn't want any fuss so we didn't tell anyone...