Friday, 17 August 2007

A level result

I keep hanging on thinking I won't update the blog until my A level result arrives by post, as I didn't bother going into Solihull to collect the result in person. Our postman is an interesting character, and often doesn't arrive until after lunch. But eventually the letter turned up, and I got an A, together with notification that my place at Nottingham has been confirmed. I also got a letter from the examining board (AQA) saying that I scored one of the top five marks of the 1572 candidates that took the course. Nice!

The decriminalisation of parking in Leamington has started, meaning that there's been an epidemic of road re-surfacing, pavement repair, line painting, new signs and pay and display machines sprouting from every street corner. Skip outside our front doorThe day when our road was being painted, everyone obediently moved their car elsewhere, except one of the neighbours who had a skip delivered. The double yellow line outside their house now has a skip-sized gap in front of it. On the orders of the council the skip was then moved from its illegal spot outside the neighbour's house to a legal location, directly outside our front door. And, when they re-surfaced the pavements they obscured all the spray-painted instructions, so the line to indicate our garage access wasn't painted. And our parking permits haven't yet arrived - I've had two attempts so far at filling in the forms and providing the correct documentation...

I've finished the garden for the time being, until the fuchsia stops flowering, and then it will be pruned to within an inch of its life, given that it's in the way all the time and needs to be encouraged to find another direction. Actually, I haven't quite finished because I discovered a tub of lawn feed, but it's quite strict about when you can and can't apply it, depending on timing of mowing and rainfall, and the forecast is for showers all the time at the moment. The other risk is that if all the moss is killed, we'll hardly have a lawn at all.

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Sally (magicchick) said...

Have been waiting for a text about your A level result - congrats Lola you are a star and we all knew you would get an A and a high result with how hard you worked x