Monday, 30 July 2007

Birthday fun

So I'm now 43 and it's been such fun, starting with my unofficial birthday yesterday because it was Sunday and Mr A had the day off. We assembled my new trampoline, watched 'From Russia With Love', and Lola II turned up.

Today was my real birthday, and while Mr A was working hard, the two Lolas were mucking about in Leamington, including lunch at the Saxon Mill and 'Hairspray' (another strong recommendation, especially the bit with the whoopee cushions).

Birthday cards have been interesting this year. One was from the Admissions team at Coventry University, my reserve choice for the dietetics course, so that was a little odd. Mr A gave me a nice card that was exactly the same as one I had previously bought for such occasions. What a coincidence! except that he'd forgotten to get a card so it actually was the one I'd previously bought. The Perry's card was hilariously tasteless (thanks all the same) but the prize goes to Lola II:

A photograph of two old ladies with headscarves, dressed in shapeless clothes, thick stockings and unfashionable shoes, one carrying a plastic bag and the other a walking stick. Captioned: A sister is, as it were, a second self.

I'm the one on the right (obviously).

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