Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cold turkeys

When I left work on Thursday night, everything was under control and I was ahead of the game. With the assessment on Friday, and Saturday off, by Sunday it was mayhem again. I did about four hours that day, and since then I have worked for many, many more hours, and have no time at all for blogging. So here's a picture of some turkeys.

Hundreds of plucked turkeys hanging from their feet in racks

I miss their gentle gobbling now that they have moved from the barn and field to the fridge.

Because I'm good at tests, I scored an interview on Friday. I haven't had a moment to think about it, and rather than the usual dread I am full of the confidence that comes from doing a not-very-difficult job quite well, and mixing with real people in the working world. Perhaps that will make a difference tomorrow. I really must print the directions and familiarise myself with the job again, in the next hour, because that's the only time there is.

The change in my personal statement on application forms seems to have made a difference, too. Up to now I have desperately wanted interviews, but next week is the busiest time at the turkey farm, and Wednesday is the busiest day of all. And I have been invited for TWO more interviews, both on Wednesday. The Boss and I have agreed that the best outcome all round is for me to get a call on Monday or Tuesday offering me the job following tomorrow's interview. Otherwise, the turkeys will have to manage without me for another day.

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Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Seems like things are starting to look up.

I think I like turkeys better this way. We spent two weeks on a campsite where they had a turkey farm with 25.000 turkeys. It put me off them for good.

- Marjolein