Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Paid employment

Goose standing in the water on the steps of a weir
I didn't get the short term part time job, but they gave great feedback. There were 59 applicants of whom they shortlisted 9, and I was the second in line for the job, which, given the circumstances, is ideal. I felt I did a better interview, and the feedback on my responses was fair, and reflected my strengths and weaknesses very well.

I have the next interview to look forward to, for which I have to prepare a presentation, and for which I have also bought a pair of lady shoes. With heels. The sort you have to wear with tights rather than socks. I haven't worn a pair of these for at least ten years, and I don't think I'll be wearing these very often - granted they are elegant, but so uncomfortable! They aren't only for interviews, but to go with the dresses/skirts that I fit into now, on the slight chance that there will be an event for which they are suitable. The badminton Christmas event might be the time, but if there's any walking about or dancing I'll have to take a spare pair without heels.

I've been playing badminton three times a week for the last few weeks, and I came home at 10.30 on Friday thinking that it was all getting a bit much. I never thought I'd reach the point where I would be happy not to play, but there it was. But badminton has brought a surprising benefit alongside the playing - through one of the members of the club, I have a job until the New Year, working on a local turkey farm. Sorting out Christmas orders and deliveries, starting this week.

I know absolutely nothing about retail, or poultry, and have never worked in any business even slightly like this one, but I'm confident that I can do the job so I'll give it a go. If nothing else, it should provide blog fodder alongside a bit of money. And, the first person has signed up to go on one of my Coeliac UK Store Tours!

It's Tuesday morning, I was about to publish this, just had a chat with Lola II, and looked at my mobile phone, where there was a message.

The dilemma I wrote about a few posts ago (where I had two interviews but the second job was more attractive than the first) has resolved itself, in more ways than one. Obviously I didn't get the first job, and was gearing up for the interview for the second. I contacted the department to find out if I could visit ahead of the interviews, and find out more about what they did. During that phone call, the manager said that unfortunately the job had to be changed from permanent to a 12-month fixed term contract. At the same time, another job I had applied for with the same NHS Trust had also notified applicants of a similar change.

Yesterday I started on the presentation that was required for the interview, by reading one of the key reference documents and making notes. It was quite interesting, and related well to my previous employment in the disability field.

The message this morning stated that "due to recent Divisional re-organisational changes, this post has been withdrawn ... please do not attend the interview you have booked."


CERNoise said...

Bummer that the second vacancy has been suppressed.

BTW, isn't that a goose?

Lola said...

It is a goose. And a bummer.