Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Follow up

It turns out there are consequences of my little swooning fit. The National Blood Service has now followed up my case, and is threatening to withdraw my donation privileges, because I had already left the centre when it happened. I am strangely disappointed that I may not be allowed to endure the nuisance and boredom of giving blood in future, mainly because I know it to be one of the most worthwhile activities at no cost to me beyond a couple of hours every four months and the occasional bruise. Anyway, because the reason is fairly clear, and because I was in a hurry and left the centre before I normally would, they are going to discuss my case and get back to me.

I have travelled south now, and am ensconced in Lola II's parlour, watching the resident garden robin bouncing and pecking about in an amusing way. It has been warm enough to sit outside in the afternoons over the weekend and admire what Mr M is doing with the garden.

Flute repair manLola II and I were out in London during Saturday, unfortunately accompanied by my wheeled suitcase of baggage for the conference. We still managed to complete a number of tasks, including the compulsory Japanese meal, and we visited the shop where Lola II had bought her flute so that they could advise on a small problem she was having. She was very impressed when the nice man immediately started taking the flute apart, fixed the problem, put it together and didn't charge her for it. Proper customer service.

Two Japanese lunch boxesOn Sunday we thought long and hard about whether to go for a walk, paint the skirting board, buy me some trousers that fit, or go to the London Transport museum. In the end Lola II started preparing for painting the skirting, Mr M applied a bit more creosote to the fence, and I was given the job of creating a ring tone for Lola II's phone using free audio editing software that I can only just use. After all that we still had time for the walk, so we did that too.

The weekend ended with an episode of Dr Who featuring David Tennant, only the second episode I've seen since watching Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker wander around rickety sets while I was hiding behind the sofa. It was pretty good, but nowhere near as scary as the original stuff. Either that, or I'm now braver than I was at the age of 10.

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