Monday, 25 April 2011

Home for the long weekend

Cat on table with book and wine glass
Landlady Lola and I celebrated the end of my tenancy on Wednesday, with a bottle of wine and a lovely evening, during which she showed round a potential new tenant. She's gone off on holiday now, and won't be back until after I leave. I hope we'll keep in touch. I tried to take a picture of her, but she doesn't photograph well at all (unlike the cats), and I gave up in the end.

This weekend has been a lovely reminder of life before placement. I pretty much finished all the work related to the placement before I came home, including the presentation of my case study, so I've had this four-day weekend completely free from work. Except today I might just check that everything's in order with my portfolio so I can hand it in on Tuesday.

The last few days at work were fine. The idea is that each student is given two wards and we look after all the patients who are referred from those wards. It hasn't worked out that way at all, because there just happen to be hardly any patients needing dietetic input on my wards, so I've been given any patients that happen to come through. This means an awful lot of walking and stair climbing. All good for the weight loss plan.

Coming home is less good for the weight loss plan. It hasn't been too bad this weekend, but much more difficult than in GNT when I have such restricted access to food. Luckily in the department there are no cakes or biscuits, I bring a fairly spartan packed lunch, and as a lodger I only have foods for mealtimes and nothing to snack on. When I start living back at home I may have to plan a packed lunch even though I'm not out of the house, just to stop excess intake at lunchtime. Or something. It's difficult, anyway.

Mr A has been very busy in the garden over the past few weekends, and it's looking pretty good now. He has some ambitious plans for the area behind the house that contains the log store and a paved area that continually sprouts with weeds because we think it wasn't laid with any weed-proof membrane. A pair of robins is nesting in the garage, the sun has been shining all weekend, and I've done four loads of washing so far. The main job I've been trying to do all weekend is to replace the rope on the clothes airer, which has frayed down to a thread. Perhaps today.

Pieris and bluebells

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