Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Leisure days

Bronze elephant, part of a stone seat in Jephson Gardens
Finding accommodation in GNT (godforsaken northern town) for my 12-week clinical placement has been a big task on my list. I have used various websites, but options are not plentiful, especially as I have been applying fairly strict criteria about how far away I'm prepared to live, and the non-negotiable internet availability.

Of course I could use the student accommodation provided on the hospital site, but even the information that I've been given by the dietetic department suggests that living there can be isolated and lonely, and there's no internet. I'm pursuing two options at the moment, one described as a 'deluxe student dorm' for professionals, with individual rooms but shared kitchen and other facilities. The other is the more usual room in someone else's house. I think I might try contacting some of the ones I initially thought less suitable, because just two alternatives doesn't seem very many.

Other chores are coming along - obviously the short easy ones are coming along better than the long, difficult and unpleasant ones. I have new socks and a clean kitchen floor, and I've drafted a summary for my project, bought house insurance and hoovered quite a lot. I have been out and about around town, but I haven't been taking any photographs. The ones I've been using here are taken from the archive, but the weather hasn't been inspiring and I need some more ideas!

It's quite a luxury, having all these free days between exams and starting the placement, and I am trying to fill them with useful and worthwhile activities. I don't think I could bear to sit on the sofa and watch TV, not that there's anything on during the day that interests me. We subscribe to a DVD rental service so there are always films to watch, but it seems like cheating if I watch them without Mr A. At some point we will have to decide what to do about the digital switchover later this year, when our analogue TV with its four channels will need to be enhanced or replaced.

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