Sunday, 21 November 2010

Party food

We had a family celebration last weekend - another birthday. I find that I have very little to say about it, because all the people that I have in mind when I write this blog were there. But I can write about the food, which was, as always, very good.

Mum offered to put on a feast of Jewish food, such as we occasionally experienced either on a festival or special occasion or at a relative's house for tea. There was chopped liver, smoked salmon, fish balls, gefilte fish, beetroot salad, pickled cucumbers, egg salad, vienna sausages, and a whole lot more. Afterwards, we had a choice of lemon meringue pie and chocolate pudding (and dad very nearly poured Dr Pepper on it instead of sherry). It was all very delicious. And later on there was birthday cake.

I have volunteered to be in charge of food at a dinner party that Mr A is instigating, when we are inviting the people who hosted the recent bonfire party and our neighbours over the road. The last dinner party we put on was probably about five years ago - we aren't natural hosts, and on that occasion I overcatered to an extreme extent and was eating reheated broccoli for days afterwards. So I've been thinking about the food.

I think that there will be nibbles like olives and something small and cheesy when they arrive. The first course will be soup with homemade bread, the main course will be something that has been cooked in the oven and which isn't sensitive to timing, with roast potatoes and roast vegetables. Afterwards there will be something that has been prepared earlier and has been waiting in the fridge. Mr A is in charge of drinks.

So if you have any ideas about what sort of soup is best, what main course oven dish works for you, and which is the best dessert to prepare earlier, feel free to let me know. All comments much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Fish Pie! And roasted vegetables, yum yum yum. Can be quite rich so I'd do a big bowl of fruit salad for afters.
Ali (forgotten my password again).

aims said...

Happy birthday! Was it yours perhaps?

I'm not the cook here Lola so I don't have any suggestions at present. If I think of something I will come back and let you know.

What She Said said...

Lola, it's me, it's me, it's me! It's Tina! Anyaway, I've a boatload of catching up to do, but I wanted to say you can't go wrong with tiramisu or Eton Mess.

Not for a main course though.

Tina xxx

Lola said...

I'm going with the fish pie, and a version of Eton Mess - it has meringue and fruit anyway, but in a roulade form. A bit ambitious but we can scrunch it up and eat it anyway.