Thursday, 15 April 2010

Small movie for Lola II

Cedar in Jephson Gardens
My first Tuesday weekend was very productive, and included some useful work in the garden cleaning out ivy, a bit of weeding and sweeping up. I've been fitting in a short walk every day, and today got started on another couple of bits of coursework.

The first involves memorising a list of ingredients and cooked dishes, for which I have to remember the portion size and the protein, carbohydrate and energy content. So far I've got all the ingredient portion sizes memorised, the protein's nearly there and I'm working on the carbs. I'll get round to the dishes once those are in my head.

The other coursework is for a presentation and essay about Prozac and St John's Wort for the Clinical Pharmacology module. I've spent this afternoon staring into space, and making this small film for Lola II, so you can infer that Pharmacology is not that interesting.

I don't have anything else to say at all. Mr A is slightly unhappy because the tooth that was giving him trouble has been removed, and while this solves all the root canal and pain problems, he doesn't like the idea of having one tooth fewer than the day before. And he's cross that he didn't take action sooner, which might have saved the tooth. But he's fine really.

So that's it for now.

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aims said...

I can understand the issue with the tooth. I hated having one removed because the dentist thought it was a waste of time to fill it - a wisdom tooth. I said never again!

So far it hasn't happened.

Taking an odd mixture for severe pain - opium and belladonna. How come you can't study something like that?